Professional Experience

POSTDOC IN Dialogue systems and human-computer interaction


Focus on building dialogue systems for educational setting. I am a researcher at the institute for AI teaming (iSAT) led by Sidney D'mello. A joint affiliation with the NALA NLP group led by Katharina Kann, and the HIRO robotics group led by Alessandro Roncone at the Computer Science institute of the "University of Colorado, Boulder" (CU Boulder), Boulder, CO.

PH.D. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (NLP, Assistive technology)

2013 - 2020

Focus on Machine Learning applied to NLP and the Speech domain with Dr. Steven Bedrick as my research advisor at “Oregon Health and Science University” (OHSU), Portland, OR.
Participate in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) project. This project is led by by Dr. Melanie Fried Oken of of ReKnew Lab.  Part of the Language Model (LM) team whose aim is to improve BCI letter prediction by developing LM modules. 


2007 - 2012

Focused on Signal Processing at “Ben Gurion University” (BGU), Israel. Final project completed in signal processing field, in collaboration with AudioCodes, with the goal of conducting a feasibility test for a Hebrew Language Text To Speech system (TTS) with Dr. Ilan Shallom as my research advisor.

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2017, OHSU. “Introduction to Deep Learning” by Professor Meysam Asgari. Included homework preparation and grading, and demos.


2016, OHSU. “Analyzing Sequences” by Professor Stephen Wu. Included homework preparation and grading.


2016, Cylance inc. Worked as a deep learning engineer in data science team. Implemented deep learning architectures to detect malware.


2015, Sensory inc. Worked as a speech processing engineer. Integrated trigger-based speaker verfication process, incorporated new elements to the process and estimated optimal model parameters. Worked on a user defined process to employ a digit sequence task.


2013, Afeka Center for Language Processing (ACLP) that was headed by Ami Moyal. Worked on two researches on key-word spotting.


2013, Speech and Signal Processing Lab headed by Professor Sharon Gannot. The lab focuses on the study of speech and acoustics. Participated in a research to develop a de-reverberated signal to enhance speech recognition performance at “Bar Ilan University” (BIU), Israel.


2012, BGU. “Introduction to Stochastic Processes” by Professor Maoz Shamir. Included lesson plan, frontal instruction and grading.


2010, BGU. Computational Motor Lab was headed by Professor Amir Karniel. The lab focuses on the study of human motor control and biomechanics. Participated in the “handshake experiment,” based on Turing test theory.

Invited Talks

  • UserNLP workshop (hosted by The Web Conference), keynote speaker, "Personalization in NLG", 2022

  • NLP class at CU Boulder, guest speaker, "Responsible Dialogue Systems", 2021

  • The Hebrew University, seminar talk, "Overcoming Limitations of Categorical Neural Language Models", 2021

  • Allen Institute for AI, seminar talk, "Overcoming Limitations of Categorical Neural Language Models", 2020

  • Chang lab, UCSF-Berkeley, seminar talk, 'a proposal for language model approaches in Ecog based AAC', 2020

  • Bar Ilan University, seminar talk, "Language Models in supportive AAC", 2019

  • Women Who Code, Women in Data Science Series, "Language Models in BCI systems", Portland, 2019

  • BCI Meeting, Natural Language Processing Workshop, "Towards Icon Language Models", Asilomar, 2018

  • NW NLP, "Compositional Language Modeling Icon-Based AAC", Redmond, 2018


  •  Community outreach: grant award for organizing a robotics summer camp for middle schoolers, 2022

  • WiML@ICML award recipient to attend WiML and ICML, 2020

  • WiNLP Diversity and Inclusion award recipient to attend WiNLP and ACL, 2020 WiML@ICLR award recipient to attend ICLR, 2020

  • Student Research Workshop (SRW) travel award to attend ACL, 2018

  • Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at OHSU travel award to attend NAACL, 2018

  • GREPSEC cybersecurity workshop scholarship, 2017

  • 38th Security and Privacy Symposium student travel award, 2017